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Salad Town

Album: Reality: The Acoustic Tape 2






A traditional ska/rock song I wrote about my hometown Salinas, CA. My styles vary upon songs so not all my material sounds like this. This recording is off my second self-produced mix-tape entitled Reality: The Acoustic Tape 2.

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I say we all exit Salinas And elope in a better place I'm sure there's a beach not far from here Where no one frowns upon Packin' bowls all day long I could shave my head buy a pair of dickies and a white t-shirt and i think I'd fit in just fine But instead I grow my hair rock jeans and a Pepper t-shirt 'Cause I'm not trying to bang I'm just trying to survive This might be overlooked twice 'Cause everything is beautiful tonight I don't mind hills or valleys But if I see one more field I'm gonna cry The sun sets down upon them So the changos and their nine's go running wild Too many years stuck in Salad Town Can cause your legs to root into the soil You gotta get out Because there is no future here Just gang violence strawberries and a shit load of shattered dreams.

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