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Life Support

Album: Life Support




R & B / Soul


We all need a little help sometimes....who will be your Life Support?

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Staring thru the window Sitting by the phone Shadows in the darkness Won’t leave me alone Suddenly my heart is beating faster And the night is standing still and there ain’t no thinkin bout the dawn Demons hovering disaster And I hate to admit that i’m having trouble goin on Life--Support Your my last resort Life Support Hear me now your my last resort Anyone out there that can hear me stand up for me My last resort you got me lookin baby My life support and only you can save me My last resort I'm asking that you be the one to save me Save me from myself From these symptoms that I never should've felt Somebody help me save me from myself Save me from myself Calling every number Falling to the floor May never recover What is livin for Spinnin in the storm my world is breaking And I fantasize embracing angels on the other side I’m losing spirit, it’s escaping Will I reach underneath and find the strength to stay alive There's nothing left to see but the truth in me I'm slipping underneath with a desperate plea I'm in the midst of doom (A desperate plea in the midst of doom) My heart is breakin through There's nothing left to do but breath

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