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Tainted for Michael Baca

Album: None
Michael Baca






The song id about a guy who fell in love and then found out he fell in love with someone who is crazy, and doesnt know how to get out.

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Verse 1. When we first met, you were like an angel. I fell in love with you the moment that I first saw you. You were perfect in every way, I couldn’t find a flaw. I knew from that moment on my life would change. Chorus. You’re tainted, like a dirty old rag to be thrown away. I've been trying to get away from you all day. You’re tainted, you need to be taken out with the trash. Now I know that I will never get away from you alive. Verse 2 I don’t know what happened to you, you turned on me like a rabid dog. You turned from angel to devil as quick as a light being turned on. The moment I saw you acting like this, I knew I had made a mistake. I wonder what it will take to get away from you now. Chorus. Solo. Verse 3. Why did you turn on me, I did nothing wrong. I treated you like a queen and put you high on a pedestal. I'm still trying to figure out what could have made you change. But all I could figure out is that your a fuckin psycho. Chorus. Outro solo.

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