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Can't Stop Thinking

Album: Untitled
Nick Haubach




Southern/Blues Rock/Rockabilly


Rock and Roll with a kick of blues.

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Verse 1 There we went again, same old bar and same old friends; yea we were drinkin’. Livin’ up the good, but what was good was good as bad, when things kept sinkin’. Had that bottle to my chin, with a melancholy grin, yea she was missin’. Verse 2 Tried fillin’ up that hole, with Kettle One and gold Patron’ the room was spinnin’. Knew I needed something more, than what was in that liquor store, my blood was thinnin’. That’s when I found my girl, when I fell into her world, soon after trippin’. Chorus I can’t stop thinkin’, bout’ how I’m feelin’, now that my head’s stuck over heels for her. I can’t stop thinkin’, how lucky I’d be, to have and hold her in my heart for good. Verse 3 Now I know my baby loves me, I can tell she gives a damn, it’s in her eyes. Hope she knows I feel the same way, hope she knows I’d give it all, I’d give my life. Yes I’ll always love her so, wouldn’t ever let her go, and that’s no lie. Chorus Bridge I was so low, down in a hole, I never tried, to rise and go, or free my soul, but I’m glad she came into my life. Now I’m so high, and I feel fine, I owe it all to my love girl. And I hope she sees, she is to me, better than anything I’d ask her to be. Chorus

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