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Shooting Star

Album: Talk About Our Demons As If They Were Friends
Natural Stranger






Upbeat rock song with ska and riff rock influences. Good song to blast driving down the highway with your windows rolled down in your car. If you've got someone you love next to you while you listen it's ok to dance a little too!

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The rain falls down the gutter, gone, forever draining out of sight The sky moves closer to the ground and all these lovers claim the see She holds me as the sun goes down and then I feel her warmth wash over me again My name belongs to you my love, forget it, it's just a memory I don't exist when we're apart, i'm just some shade on a sunny day She tells me her and I are one and then I feel the earth move fiercely once again Let's kill silence like it was a sin Your voice soothes better than the wind We'll drown sorrow deep in the ocean And talk about our demons as if they were friends Grab the car and drive all night We burn horizons down Red lined but not enough I can see you from the ground my shooting star

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