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Traditional Country / Roots


People letting their love die.

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TEARDROPS He calls her on the phone, says he won't be home tonight Till very late, got a business date But the kind of date he's got He's got no business taking out at all She's no office call Why did he have to go and fall in love again With the perfect woman waiting home just for him She puts the kids to bed, when they're asleep she cries 'Cause she can see right through his lies Yeah on the other side of town Sits a girl with teardrops in her eyes She grabs him by the hand, takes the wedding band and hides It in her purse, right there next to hers Such an empty-handed act It doesn't hide the fact that two souls cry at homeā€¦ Slowly die alone She told her husband she was going out tonight With the girls to catch a show, then maybe grab a bite But he knows better, her expressions made him wise 'Cause she was never good at lies Yeah on the other side of town Sits a man with teardrops in his eyes He kisses her good-bye, promises to try another Rendezvous in a day or two Then they slowly drive away Each planning what to say to try and make it right Staying out all night How can we justify the situation of Much too many people falling in and out of love If we don't stoke the fire, the flame it slowly dies Then it comes as no surprise That on the other side of town Sits a pair with teardrops in their eyes You see it everywhere around People down with teardrops in their eyes

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