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A Light For You

Album: It's All Eyes, It's All Hands, It's All Up In The Air
Becoming Avalon




Singer/Songwriter (Male)


I had a friend who was going through some really hard times in her life, mainly concerning things at home and with friends. At the time, we hung out a lot and grew close other a short period of time, and I really felt for her. I don't know if she will ever hear this song, but I wrote it as words of encouragement for her, and for anyone who needs them.

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You'll be okay someday, I know Just keep hanging on to hope You will be fine as long as you keep those legs moving And remember to breathe I know you've got it bad You've been kicked out again And your mother's not being herself And you've been sleeping at a friend's I know your head's in the stars Though your heart's still in repair And you look so tired Though you put on a brave smile (Chorus): It's not much, but if my words get to you Then I'll keep singing them So you will hear them and you'll know That you're not alone in this place I know I'm not anyone I'm not anything to you Just a face, a stranger at best But still, I hurt for you I pray for you, that your heart That your heart will someday find rest Your heart will someday find rest Your heart will someday find rest Your heart (Chorus) You're not alone in this place You're never alone in this place You're never alone

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