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Last August

Album: Everybody Wins
Cobalt & the Hired Guns




Cobalt & the Hired Guns is a band about geniuneness Last August would be a ballad if it didn't rock quite so hard. A song about touring and being on the road. and adventures, with at least a grain of truth in it. It's a song about humid summers and late night pool parties. It's about eye contact held just a little too long. It's a song about getting so sweaty while playing that you might as well be outside in the rain.

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Last Augut Tomlinson Fort I remember last August- you were wearing that dress your mother says is too tight I think it fits fine, so she’s probably right. I had the moonshine and you had the rye, chasing the dawn we tried to rub smiles If you’d known a creek or I’d known a stream we’d have slipped into our skins and tried to come clean In Nashville. Just outside of Nashville. Last August. Last August. Now in Boston- I’m pretty sure you planned to surprise me. Well it worked like a charm- yeah you were surprising. You were wearing your makeup but biting my style, striking a pose that held nothing to hide. It’s not batting your lashes, you swing for the fences, you were hitting a thousand it was almost offensive In Boston. Just outside of Boston. Last August. Last August Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Don’t you love my lies? Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Don’t apologize. Remember the District? We made out like bandits. Not that kind of made-out. You know what I’m talking about. We packed that attic they were calling your name, they wanted an encore and pushed you back to the stage We filled up that basement, drunken and sweaty, it started raining things got kinda heavy. In DC. Right there in the Distric. Last August. Last August

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