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Young Guns and Old Pistoleros

Album: Fire on the Line
Mack Abernathy




I could be arrested for extreme plagiarism because I didn’t have to do anything to write this song except for the melody. I wrote it about my cowboy friend, Ricky Smith and his sons from Crawford, Texas. They are living proof of “right or wrong” and “what you see is what you get”.

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Young guns and old pistoleros Cowboys and old vaqueros Their lives are bound By a common thread Don’t follow the crowd care less about style Steal a lady’s heart With just a smile Yeah that’s a young gun or an old pistolero A sip of whiskey at the end of the day Salute the sun’s maker as he paints away A burnt orange sky to a purple haze Won’t straddle the fence on what they believe Right or wrong and no in between For a young gun or an old pistolero They could be any color, shape, or size It’s really not hard to recognize A young gun or an old pistolero They could be silver-haired vets at the Legion Post Or young cowboys at a rodeo Yeah those are young guns and old pistoleros They avoid trouble but they understand When it starts the first to stand Will be a young gun or an old pistolero One’s already been there and one’s bound to go He’ll learn some moves but they won’t be slow Yeah the young guns learn from old pistoleros (Tag) Yeah there’s a lot to learn From young guns and old pistoleros

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