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Album: Mind Flex






This song is about changing the way you think while trying to make it in a hectic music industry.

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Precise thoughts// sittin in a back yard// drunk// the keg pumped// foam overflows my cup// I read books// and post// prescriptions// to my own vice// find myself// staring at the ceiling// almost all night// drum loops// bangs imagination// as I lay still// falling deep// swillin’ on a beer// in the night chill// they told me that// I would be trapped// I’m a free man// at least illusions// that I dwell on// flex the weapon hand// the pen strikes// lightning flashes in the distance// in an instance// everything is seen// illumination of the premises// conversation one sided// on my bed side// not sure of where I’m at// or exactly where to confide// I write songs// thinkin’ it’s the channel// that I might need// to channel down the proceeds// and proceed// to breathe// the heart thuds// the lungs contract// and the beat runs// I’m cracked// with tons// of bleeding gums// not knowing where// it’s coming from// My minds a vessel// infected// with different networks// -gaining new ideas// as the gears// run backwards// my heads too heavy// it’s probably why my neck hurts// feelin buried// underground in rap// ‘till my mind bursts// life or death// I wonder which one hurts worse// it’s not about the money// or which one of us// can go first// the self-expression wins// no matter// how the sky burns// I promise we will win at this// no matter how the gears turn*// I keep at this// knowing of haters’ connotations// knowing all these locals out// will jock// when I got famous// already got a label up// piercing through the pages// the small amount of fans I have// say that// they’re getting anxious// I’m angry// so many people show their surface// when they think// that their above you// but their music// lacks the purpose// what the fuck you rhyming for?// I don’t get it// every word embedded// is a reach// answer my question// I’m here to bring community// I’ll bring up all my peers// that truth has brought me scrutiny// but I have new ideas// I’ll smash your immaturity// expose all of your fears// how dare I be a leader// when you didn’t try// yea// everything about it// is deeper and more extensive// and you rappers actin’ pensive// endin up with foreheads dented// you know who I’m aimin’ at// so don’t forget// the true emcee// is a rare breed// but we rep that//

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