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Dead Black Eyes

Album: Embrace the Horror
In Virtue






Wherein the world is flooded entire and the human population is devoured by sharks.

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[Ms. C:] Deep and silent Tidal current Swallowing miles of shore A shadow consuming the coastline Mountains are islands and islands are no more Swimming, lost in a nightmare We’re sinking off to sleep in a liquid grave Search in vain for solid ground Seven hundred fathoms down [Trey:] There will be no survivors Only corpses in the riptide [Ms. C:] Mighty Poseidon will have his way Cities lost in a deluge Another sunken monument to the dead All along the ocean floor Everything you’ve ever known [Trey:] There will be no survivors Only victims in the feeding frenzy There will be no deliverance Only corpses in the worldwide red tide [Ms. C:] Sea and sun And no other Here they come Eyes of murder We gave our hearts but it could not be saved We’ll lay the earth in a watery grave And I’ll sing a requiem for you Of gnashing teeth and dead black eyes And as the screams fall silent Another species cauterized We’ll bleed into the water And bleach beneath a blood red sun No witness to the slaughter But blackened eyes that overrun the world [Trey:] All around you the water will rise And the last thing you see will be Dead black eyes An endless horror wakened A seething sea of Kraken Something brushes past your feet They don’t come to hunt They come to feed [Ms. C:] Mouth of madness Open wide Face the horror deep inside The belly of the beast All around you the water will rise Flooding the world with a vengeance Coming towards you the blackest of eyes A murderous gaze in the waves Mighty Poseidon will have his way Taking the earth as his kingdom Only oceans to mark where we lay And circling fins for a gravestone [Trey:] All around you the water will rise There will be no survivors

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