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Do Some Good (Shut Your Mouth)

Album: Patty Morris and Dukkha's Nemesis






Currently located in NYC, Boston, Portland (ME), and Nashville, members of Dukkha's Nemesis have shared the stage with legends including Wynton Marsalis, the Yellowjackets, Cleo Lane, Hal Crook, Dave Zinno, Joe Lovano, Herbie Hancock, Dave Brubeck, JD Steele and many more. This unique cross-generational project blends a mother's hard-won 60's and 70's hippy/R&B/soul influence with the next generation's highly evolved understanding of millennial jazz/alternative/indie/funk/hip hop.

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Shut your mouth Why you goin round tellin all them lies Zip it up All you wanna do is mess with other peoples' lives Do some good instead Spread it all around Do some good Roll up your sleeves Help somebody who down Spendin your time and all mine Spreadin rumors around town Why don't you do some instead And spread it all around this town Sad am I Sad for the world So sad am I Sad for the world Sad, sad -dam? I? Well, you can talk like you're right And everybody else is wrong Or you can help build a bridge For everyone to get along Heed the world Do some good Spread it all around Well do right by us We only wish you well You can't be spreadin heaven Giving everybody hell Listen to the world Do some good! Spread that good around Why can't you be nice 'Stead of giving the whole world your curse It don't seem right Everybody hurts You don't do nothing Or make it worse Why don't you do some good! Spread somma that good all around You say you talk to Jesus Some people do talk to that man Or talk to God himself Find peace inside any way you can Talk to Buddha And spread somma that Buddha around Oh, talk to Buddha Or the man above Then shut your mouth Listen what they're tryin to tell you All they're talkin bout is love Just about love Love can open the door Love can put an end to war All you gotta do is Listen to the world! Help somebody who down Come on, turn it around Listen to the world Listen to the world! Do some good! (help somebody) Do some good! (help somebody who down) Do some good! (help somebody) Do some good! (help somebody who down)

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