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Got it

I Got This

Album: I Got This - Single
Candice Sand






Lyrics & Music by Candice Sand & Kuya Productions Inc. An uplifting song about independence and living against the grain in order to reach your dreams.

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I Got This Verse 1: You say you think I'm so naive Confessing you don't believe So I had to pack all my courage and go At times it's the hardest thing Fighting to fill craving Knowing I pave this road alone Pre-Chorus: Keep reaching out to hold something true But I know now What I’ve gotta do Chorus: I’m gonna take this running start, finally listen to this heart Feed my soul just what it needs, some space to breathe and just believe I'm feeling stronger than ever now, I'll watch my feet rise off the ground Make a life just for myself, and I don’t need anybody’s help ‘cause I got this, I got this and don’t you tell me what is right ‘cause I got this, I got this Verse 2: Now I gaze into city lights awaking this fire inside A restless burnin’ I can’t ignore I’m caught in the rising flames and no, I don't need to be saved The thrill is what I came here for Pre-Chorus: Chorus: Bridge: I’m strong but so small against concrete walls Filled with possibility Throw all uncertainty away My dark days are gone Never thought I’d be the one The one to come and lift me up and save me Chorus(out): Copyright © Candice Sand & Kuya Productions Inc

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