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You Can't Have My Soul

Album: Holy Is The Way






This is a song that proclaims our power of Satan and all his evil forces. This songs speaks directly to the Devil. This song lets satan know that I'm aware of who he is and what he's about. The Word of God have given us (believers) Power and Authority of satan and his kingdom.

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I know that you're the author of confusion I know that you're the father of all lies Your evil seems like good but it's just an illusion I'm no fool, you're not welcome in my life You can't have it You can't have my soul no Why should I believe anything you tell me When you plant your seeds of doubt they're just to destroy me Just like Job when the flesh fell from his bones I've got faith in God, I'm so Strong, I'll keep holding on You can't have it You can't have my soul, no No you're never gonna get it Never ever gonna get it

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