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All The Best To You




Synth Pop


honest words, honest melody.

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(verse 1) I did anything I wanted to do to you You know I let you do it too I am a lion, not a lamb I hoped you'd understand but youre just a man afterall But you are calling me and telling me that you are thinking of me when youre with her Damn that must hurt (chorus) Tell me are you happy now? Just tell me do you really think youre happy now? x2 (verse 2) from the first time we kissed i knew that we were doomed and i look back and wonder why i ever saw it through look back and wonder what the fuck i saw in you but at least i know youre not happy baby boo my hits to your ego left you black and blue but running to another bitch will never change that hue and i see you got an itch to come crawling back through but crawling right back is the mark of a fool so why dont you just do what you do and i'll sit right back and laugh at you tell all my friends the things you try to do youre lucky i dont tell your new girl too and honestly, mobley, im glad that we are through and this is the last song i'll ever write for you cause who wants to stay hung up on a dude who doesnt even know what the fuck he wants to do (chorus) tell me are you happy now? just tell me do you really think that you are happy now? tell me are you happy now? just tell me are you really convinced that you are happy now? (verse 3) its my dirty little secret and i dont think i wanna keep it i love watching you squirm like that trying so hard not to crawl right back for more but im not your whore

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