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Ashamed of the Way




Ashamed I've been ashamed of the way I've been living I shut myself out So I can keep on dancing with my doubts With my doubts with my doubts oh I'll never figure out how they control me with every ounce of my mind of my mind I'm wasting everyone's time This has got to be a hidden talent of mine I see everyone, everyone who succeeds and I think do they mean what they say when they say they care about the world and the little boys and girls for some reason I doubt it judging by the size of their houses and all the empty rooms all the chemical fumes In this world of oppression and overfed aggression this court is now in session the presiding judge is the rich and the defendant is the poor oh it's been obvious for some time now endured They killed john, bob, and jimi michael, tupac, and kennedy I'm sure they'd kill me If I started to become a remedy for the ills of this world for all the military drills between the notes of this song are screams and cries from all the broken families mouths and eyes

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