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Americana / Alt Country


More like country rock. I believe the only thing worse than being homeless, is feeling homeless when your not.

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Sometimes people walk up just to say, Hello! Other times I feel like I'm no one to know! But I gotta hang out I gotta let go Feeling homeless! I can add; I can subtract, But loving detracts, as a matter of fact, Division has proved I gotta watch my back Feeling homeless! Now! I don't need to eat But I better get fed Where love in the heart Feels like lead in the head. And living at home is like a shelter and bed For the homeless! The only job in life is to keep the dream, 'Cause when you catch your dream it's peaches and cream. But if I don't reach a peach I'm gonna die lean and mean And Homeless! Home is where the heart is, But if yer cold in the heart YOUR HOMELESS!!!

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