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Young Vibe




A song about the Vibe of the Young generation today with a flashback to a prior generation. Every generation has a young vibe. Copyright 2011

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Verse 1: Facebook me, let me be your friend I got my Pad, I’m loggin’ in Tweet Tweet Twitter Twitter, let me follow you You can Google me, I’ll Google you Speed Dating, it’s the only way I got no time not much to say You can text me, if you wanna know You can sext me, if you wanna go I’m doin’ this, I’m doin’ that I’m textin’ you, you text me back I got the Young Vibe, I got the Young Vibe. Verse 2: Flash back, it’s 1982 Feathered hair, Rubik’s Cube Video games all night long Ms. Packman and Donkey Kong Break Dancin’ at the high school dance Members Only, Parachute Pants Got my Walkman playin’ Tom Petty A Flock of Seagulls, I want my MTV I’m doin this, I’m doing that I’m playin games of Hacky Sack I got the Young Vibe, I got the Young Vibe. Verse 3: I’m on YouTube Hey Check me out Postin’ crap no one cares about Watch me fall on my face I’m goin’ viral at my own disgrace I’m blogging, night and day Talkin’ shit, not much to say I got my Bluetooth strapped to my head Can’t miss a call while I’m in bed I’m postin’ this, I’m postin’ that I’m blogging this, I’m blogging that I got the Young Vibe, I got the Young Vibe.

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