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Album: A Departure
Karma's Army






Track 2 from "A Departure"

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Well, there was a day, not long ago, in a cradled wood not far away where a magic man walked 'cross the snow and he played warm music all the way. Unfroze the leaves upon the trees, and with the grasp of fingers 3... The sun, once caught, again grew hot and he strummed the big unfreeze. Sound travels fast, and once it passed, green grass again could grow. His quick paced hands would thaw the land, posed no threat by ice and snow-- and heavy limbs, who once hung grim, could once again float high. The sun burned warm and cleared the storm, pasteured to blue the sky. and oh, my friends, how mouths did bend-- smiles as long as they were wide. Winter's hold on us was cold, and kept us holed up as a whole inside. Imagine the sights it'd churn when life returned at the whim of one man's tune- his feet bore down on the frozen ground, and with a spring into the air, man, spring could again resume.

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