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muddy roads




I like the simple country. I know this could be produced better but i wouldn't want anything I do to be over produced. hence the name "grungy highway". Not to mention I was a USMC SGT and it was clint Eastwood's nickname in heartbreak ridge.

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Well ,she asked me if I wanted, to live life forever, see all my friends pass me by. I took in one deep breath, and said, I'm not scared of death, but couldn't stand the thought of leaving her side. (Chorus) she said...we all have to change, can't keep riding in the same 'ol lane, and dirt roads turn to mud when it rains. Well, I could sit here til I'm 92, with nothing much to do, but look forward to when I take that ride. It might seem a kind of bore, always looking out the front door, and hoping its kin come to sit at my side. Chorus I guess I'll always wonder, about the choices I have blundered, but its time I know I can't change. well, there's still road that lies ahead, thats paved by the lives we've led,, but I know I can still change lanes. Chorus x2

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