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Deep End




Contemporary/Soft Rock


This song will be a part of the band's newest album, due out in October. Presently, it can be found on their tour EP entitled BC.516.T11. This was a 3 song EP initially available only to fans who came out to see the band on tour. It features 3 songs, Idling, Love Is (What You Only Get From Me), and Deep End.

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Verse 1: Are you waiting, for a voice that can't be mistaken, telling you that you should be leaving, the lonely life that you have known? Are you hoping, for love that can only be worked in, the busy life of independence, the thing you been hanging on? Pre Chorus Well it takes time to work through all those lies that hurt you and I know, your virtue is strong Chorus: But what if you were caught in the deep end? Would anybody offer to jump in? Would anybody know how to find their way into the life that you had made? If you were sinking? I know I would want to come running. But would you ever give me the chance to show you better things that lie beyond the simple things you hold? Its time you let go. You were never meant to be lonely Verse 2: Are you searching? To sit back with the observing? Love like a window you look in, and casually slip on by. Don't you know, no one's gonna ever fall for that and worse it will only lead you back to the things you've already tried. Pre-Chorus So come on bring your baggage I wanna see the heartache, wanna know what you've been trying to hide. Chorus Bridge: Shame! That you have been living inside these 4 walls. Giving them the best part of your time. Come out in the weather, I tell you its better. And this wind and rain they make for passionate nights And your thirsty soul, need not be parched forever. Final Chorus: So what if you were caught, worn, wearied and lost? Tell me babe if the pain of this world took the beauty from your heart And you were sinking? Girl, you know I'd want to come running but would you Let go, open up your hands look and see the things I have to give Its time that you live. You were never meant, You were never meant to be lonely

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