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"Get a Man, Keep a Man"




R & B / Soul


A chick asks her man for another chance after almost losing him and lets him know she never saw a good relationship but is ready to learn how to treat him right.

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vs1 Boy I neva shoulda been snoopin thru ya cell phone checking your voicemail I'm sorry (I'm Sorry) Boy I neva shoulda cursed you out on that cell phone hung up in your face boy I'm sorry Shouldn't have called my ex when u made me made shoudn't have had my mama in our business like that. Boy I must admit that I made a mistake, can't let you slip away. Feel my heart when I say. Hook Nobody taught me how to get a how to keep a man, how to treat a man. Nobody showed my how to love a man, how to please a man or take care of him. All this time I spent being cruel to you so untrue to you, now I'm losing you. Boy give me a chance to prove to you that I want yo around. 2nd Vs Boy I know u sick of all of my nagging: "Where u going?" Where u been?" Where u at?" 'Boy u lying!" "Who is that?" Plenty times u asked me "Boo, what's happening?" "Talk to Me" "Do u love me?" "Do u care?" Then I tell u "yeah!" But I shouldn't have let them dudes buy me drinks inna club. Scared of getting hurt so I kept my guard up. Kept a plan B just in case u messed up. But now I realize I'm the one that messed up. Hook Bridge Listen all my ladies, If u got a good man and u taken him for granted, tell him u sorry. Listen all my ladies, if u doing him wrong, then play him this song and say your sorry. Ladies if u got a man, and u got a real good man, push ya pride aside and say ur sorry. Fellas if u got a girl and u know that she's your world, give her one more chance and say you're sorry. Hook

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