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Album: n/a
Ron Hobson




Indie Rock


The latest song by Ron Hobson as of May 2016.

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"Alien" I wake up in the morning.... naked there on the side of the bed I see the new day dawning... out the window beside my head I stand up and stoop over and try to pull my underwear on... But my back hurts so bad that it's almost impossible.... Racing life with a fever fixing up in the microwave Messages to deliver... other worlds I communicate with... Symbols, periodic tables... monoliths of disdain brushing teeth in the mirror... chemistry I work to regain... {Try, try to understand... this world is alien to me... Try, try to understand this world is alien... Put up your satellite, or focus in on your cable tv Try to make it all bright... Get that positive energy A closer look at the image right there on your screen May reveal something far away... sometimes it's not what it seems {Try, try to understand this world is alien (to me).... Try, try to understand this world is alien to me **Thoughts racing behind the wheel during that morning rush.... Moments inside what everything I feel.... pure disgust... I'm disgusted with you..... disgusted with me, with everybody I see... Everyone is so educated, but no one is smart Highly overrated is innocence of heart Fake smiling faces... flying saucers that gleam Silent in the starry night... planning all their schemes... Buy mine 'cause it's the best... the one and only way... Only worship holy dollar bill.... These earthly gods will say.... Try me... I've tried everything... even singing in the street Every kind a people, every kind of way... everyone that you meet. Landing home in the afternoon, other side of the moon Have a drink to relieve the day.... Living on my balloon..... By Ron Hobson Copyright 2016

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