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Album: City Lights






Goon is a song that points to the reality that we were created for a purpose

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Verse 1 Streets they shaped me raised me made me all about the fetty though/ Toast I kept it close u never know when I'm a let it go/ Look me in my eyes got the Cush to the fire/ Wratched on my side down to push I'm a rida/ This is all I know/ Do whatever for the cake/ Keep the fitty pulled low/ You can tell a felon by his face/ Hay my dream is moving weight thinking money over anything/ Dickies and some dopemans before they rocked them skinny jeans/ Henny in my cup/ thinking what/ Living life fam as fast as a race/ A sixteen my homie Gaylon lost half of his face/ Boyd had your boy gone/ Ill from whiping big/ Had to support the habit/ Now I'm a stick up kid/ Wasn't young & unashamed/ I'd rather die in the game/ A little fortune & fame/ The streets remember my name/ All I'm saying is I been in your shoes/ Or in your tomb/ And i'm yelling at dudes/ Homie you are not a goon/ Chorus You are not a Goon That's not why He created u He made u for glory In His image & His likeness Lil homie I was you Grinding for the change & fame that made me Post with that thang that bang to save me Till Christ came & man He changed me. Lil homie u are not a Goon Verse 2 I hit the block at sixteen in a cut supreme/ My only dreams to put a brick up on a triple beam/ So I hit the hood hard trying to get that cream/ My mindsets to get more paper then I've ever seen/ I told the homie fast we bout to make it boom/ The hood made me crazy. Full blooded goon/ My backs against the wall I didn't know what to do/ Thought I was really winning but I was bout to loose/ Learned I was made for worship that I was made with purpose/ Thought I was living but I hadn't even scratch the surface/ Learned I was made in his image thats what It do/ That's why I'm hear talking to u Lil homie u are not a goon/ Chorus Verse 3 God made u in His image/ Not here to follow men/ OGs they may have raised u/ God made u to model Him/ Your heart beats for the streets/ Homie I feel your grind/ Gods heart beats for the street/ His son lived & died/ Would rise to give u peace/ So why ride with the streets/ Live your life as a goon die & face God who's a beast/ We rep God over beats I hope the hood get it soon He knew u from the womb to the tomb U were not made to be a goon Chorus

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