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The Art of F.L.O.W.

Album: The Art of F.L.O.W.






Let me introduce myself, listen to some real shit Yeah, I’m kinda cocky, but I’m pretty sure you’ll feel this Got this game locked, shall I stamp, sign, seal it? The realest. Now that’s how you let the beat build bitch It’s been a long time, but you still see that I’m doin’ it Put any beat in front of me, i’m guaranteed to ruin it Psychopathic flow, got you feelin’ like you losin’ it I beat the beat up, you can say that I’m abusin’ it But I ain’t finish usin’ it, I’m gonna demolish it Tired of these rusty niggas, I’m about to polish it Sorry ass bitches, no there’s no room for apologies yeah, I’m think I’m hot shit, it’s okay to acknowledge me Probably a hater, but there’s no room for hypocrisy I’m on my diddy shit because there ain’t nobody stoppin’ me Now take that, take that, this is payback, no take backs I lay tracks that state facts, go way back like atracks Now can we replay that. Don’t imitate, eliminate Anything that may incriminate, theres no beef on my dinner plate You may think I discriminate, no I just anticipate Hype myself up cuz I got that Juice, that Minute Maid Most of these cats leasin’, but I’ma own this shit I’m real greedy cuz I’m hungry like a homeless kid I hit the track runnin’ ….Marion Jonesin’ it Pass the torch cuz I plan on runnin’ home wit’ it because it’s mine and I’m not takin’ no prisoners catch up on the agendas, there’s winners and there’s beginners time limits, suspended, no gimmicks, just let me finish less than 2 minutes, I ripped it so I can end this I’m so relentless, I think I’m meant for this Everybody has a purpose I was sent for this And if you need an example, you can mention this Got em hanging by the throat, this is some lynchin’ shit Now get the rope and don’t forget to bring the chair Get beat like a piñata leave you swingin’ in the air YEAH! Ruthless … cuz you took this as a dare Scared? Nah, just a little unprepared I am rap’s illuminator, on top like a numerator More inked up than your Sunday newspaper Hip Hops’ communicator, I’ll damage and mutilate ya That even your crew will hate ya, remind me to prove it later I’m a boss and I’m in charge of firin’ hoes The only heat you holdin’ is when you’re ironin’ clothes With my inspiring flows, it’s like a fire that grows I’m the best thang smokin’, got you higher than dro Whooo! Yeah, uh let me catch a breather Don’t want me to stop, me neither I’m comin’ up out your speakers, follow me, all you tweeters I just wanna be a teacher, maybe you’ll let me reach ya And maybe I’ll let you feature Acapella: You can call me diarrhea because I run shit Cuz I eat emcess for breakfast and lunches Let em rest up for dinner cuz I give em nightmares Been in this game so long, think it’s growin’ white hairs Yeah my flow is like drugs, you can call me the rite aid Cuz I’m known to pull your head back just like a tight bread My music is therapeutic, you spit it, I fuckin’ puke it Got it tatted on me so that means that I will never lose it

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