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The Extra Mile

Album: Autumn's Fires
Devlin Miles




Singer/Songwriter (Female)


Recorded by Rye Music

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Out of the darkness and into the light Speaking out loud for our love ones tonight We want you to know that your life’s not in vain As we carry you with us, you light our flame There’s mothers and daughters and husbands and wives Neighbors and friends who suffer through life Depression is one thing that eats at our minds It poisons our thoughts and our will to survive Chorus: So we walk, walk on Gather the strength to live on When all hope seems gone Reach for a hand and hang on We are fierce with your fire As we go the extra mile Holding hands break the silence As we reach the extra mile We played hide-n-seek and tag on the lawn Sisters and friends that’s how we were bonded We drifted apart as teenagers do Yet I’ll always remember that smile in you I sat in the morgue as they counted your money Read me your letters of how you were struggling That day I swore I’d never leave you behind ‘Cause I’m filled with your spirit to help other’s fight it Repeat Chorus: Bridge: You’re not going to do this on your own Tell that devil inside you to go home And gather the strength to live on Reach for a hand and hang on And go the extra mile Climb the extra mile Please stay the extra mile

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