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Album: Syzygy




Indie Rock


They say we’re lucky in the land of the free With peace and equal opportunity, yeah And we’re all living the American dream With everything exactly just as it seems Saturated with these little white lies One distracts one pulls the wool over our eyes What would it take to make the populace see, to Trouble this hegemony Say, who’s behind this economic decline? They tell the public that we’re doing just fine, yeah The rich get richer while the poorer stay poor Exactly how much more will people endure What they don’t tell you is it’s par for the course A planned dynamic, it’s a real tour de force You’ll never hear it from the powers that be to Trouble this hegemony There doesn’t seem to be a reason or rhyme To subvert prevailing paradigms You’ve got to act yourself, ‘cause baby you’re free to Trouble this hegemony

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