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Lost All Meaning

Album: Songs of utter despair, guilt, empathy, lust, longing and/or hope




Singer/Songwriter (Female)


Lost All Meaning represents the continuation of a hard journey and is a marker for the moment that I hit rock bottom in my turmoil. This song was born in the moment when I really did feel for the first time in my life that there was no sea in believing in good anymore. Listen to 'The Struggle to Forgive' for more insight as to why.

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the night lifts up the shade and i feel myself to fade the stars circle the earth and I don't know anything but hurt and everyday I'm wandering away I do not remember the way I came and everyday I'm falling away and I don't know how to explain how I'm going to fix this cause I don't think I know how the water baffles the brook the trees confuse the sky and you and I stand here and watch the wind blow us around and we don't want to ask why or where we're going or where we're falling or where we're going to land and I don't think I know how I'm going to fix this give me a reason to believe in good give me some sign that everything be fine cause I have lost all meaning I have lost all my sense in believing

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