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The Blues Are Like A Woman






traditional 12 bar blues shuffle with my good friends Mitch Sutton on guitar/ Vince Constantino on piano/ Henry "the beast" Bombara on drums and yours truly on vocals and bass

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you know the blues is like a woman they can break your heart or make you feel good/accept the blues understands the soul of a man like a woman never could/well when the day's been long and weary that's the time to sing the blues/it's like a hand on your shoulder saying to you I know what you're feelin' I've been there too/no matter how many times the world turns the blues will never go out of style/as long as people keep lying and cheating and carrying on somewhere somebody's gonna be singing 'bout their trials/you may be on a winning streak thinking you can't lose but you play the game long enough you'll see everybody sings the blues/ yea the blues is like a woman they can be soft and sweet or loud and rough/ and just like your favorite lover you can never seem to get enough/if I had to chose between them ..Lord that'd be tough

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