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Album: Disarray
Earl Kayoss




Singer/Songwriter (Male)


from the allbum "disarray" (c) earl kayoss ascap vindictive cat ltd i wrote this song when i was quite young i wrote it on a guild d25m acoustic guitar i wrote it in open D tuning and i still use that for this song i still remember sittin on the floor writing it i was happy with it when it was done but i've never been able to do it justice

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how did itcome to this... and we were so much in love don't say you're mine that's fine but that's not enough how did it come to this you don't mind if i don't come home when i'm holding you i've never felt so alone oh but i have someone and she's so good to me i have seen her face in mine if i go blind that's fine with me (c) earl kayoss ascap vindictive cat ltd

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