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The Way

Album: Introducing The Empty Pockets
The Empty Pockets




I'd like to take the stars and se them at your door I'd like to give you things and leave you never wanting more I'd like to take your hand and dance with you for a bit, Underneath the starless sky I'd sing to you… and then we'd kiss I'd fly a plane an heart your name up in the clouds I'd grow you flowers but I don't know how I'd write a book and dedicate it in your name I'll always love you but you will…never feel the same Its true, only you, could turn my grey skies to blue. And I see its not me, I guess that the way it should be. See we could grow old together and never be lonely, we could Paint our house and cut the grass but trust me its only The way it could be sometime, sometimes, sometimes. And if you ever need me I'll be sitting with my dreams And hope the day comes in which you might sit with me But for now I'm happy enough I guess I'll always love you, but you will…need to do the rest And I see, its not me, I guess that the way it should be. Its true, only you, could turn my bright days into blue. And I'm slow, even so, I'd make you smile don't you know. I bet, you'd regret, not loving me since we met.

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