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Get Back Home (The Bounce)

Album: Kill the Music Vol.2
The Blue Method




Funk/Groove & Soul Rock


Standout elements: Crazy choir style intro, Thick bass, Hot bridge(w/3 female vocals), Sick guitar solo, horn-line outro. & read the ourstage description of funk. Its on point!

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Some my wife. I'll way...all my life, but I won't play. Tall's my price if I go away, so with all my might. CHORUS: I'm gonna get back home and fire it up... and when I hit that door, gonna tie her up... cause she like that freaky thing, my baby. And in the mornin' when we've had enough... kiss her gently , get on up, and then I'm on the road in the funk bus, baby. All night...sing my song, and it's alright. Can't be wrong, but it... feels's been so long...since I... felt like...I loved her strong so... repeat CHORUS: guitar solo at 3:16 Get back home, hit that door and tie her up and fire it up. (4x)

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