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Same Dirt

Album: Same Dirt (EP)
Chris Towzey




Singer/Songwriter (Male)


Song about borders and irony

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(Verse) There's no wall out my window as I'm passing thru this Texas border town Just a see-through line, and a plain-white post, stickin' up out of the ground Got your military jeeps, and search lights, ready for a border fight But to a dog, a lizard, a rabbit, or snake, daytime or at night (Chorus) It's the same dirt…where we stake our claim It's the same dirt…though we call it by a different name It's the same dirt...only a border in our minds It's the same dirt…both sides of the line (Verse) There's a row of houses either side of the tracks, bicycles and cars Swing sets, barbeques, toys on the ground, kids playin' in the yards When the grass looks greener on the other side, some will try to break the chain Sell everything to buy ‘em a dream, get caught up in the game (Chorus (Bridge) For me it comes down to the demons of greed Keepin’ people out doesn't get us what we need Illegals come across, Coyote’ gets a fee He's sneakin' people in to the land of the free (Verse) Escape is an industry that's often found in a sleepy border town All the smugglers know, it's a risky show, prices jump when the law comes down With some contraband and corruption in hand, no one ever takes the blame But as we dig down deeper for the cause and a fix, the dirt still looks the same (Chorus) Both sides of the line Both sides of the line

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