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State of Mind

Album: The Art of F.L.O.W.






I was a good kid, may have sold a bag or two Never been broke cuz I did what I had to do Hustlin’ is a state of mind, it’s all in your attitude Always give thanks, He appreciates the gratitude May have been spoiled, but my parents taught me independence Always been smart, teachers knew that I was very gifted You give me a dollar, and I’ma find a way to flip it Got a little older, so I had to change the way I get it Got my degree, so now I’m tryin’ to better myself I’m not saying that I’m better, but my mind is somewhere else Not smokin’ no weed cuz now I’m conscience of my health I wish I did it by myself, we all need a little help And we all got our skeletons, so I’ma come clean There were times if you knew me, you would think I was fiend I’m not livin’ no dream as fortunate as I seem and for a very long time, I was a one person team I had great childhood, but I did a lot bad Wasn’t raised in the hood, I got everything I asked But I never understood what the problem with my past was Cold world, maybe you put your coat on Shots of hydrocodone, go hard or go home Spaced out, pills got me like I’m in the ozone Dilated pupils, take it crushed like a snow cone Orange juice, cold water, got me rolling harder Weed was only just a starter, poppin’ beans got me farther Now I’m lost, in this feeling that I’m not tryin’ to get rid of Sit up, got the hiccups, throw up, lift the lid up Maybe if I just mix up these pills with some liquor Then it’ll hit me quicker, hol up, let me switch up It’s gettin’ real ridiculous, so I’ll just tilt the bottle Mind stuck, not moving, somebody check my vitals Wake up, shot of henny to get my day goin I knew then I had it bad, I ignored and kept pourin But somebody kept praying and I Thank God that they did And I made a promise then I was gon change the way I live I had great childhood, but I did a lot bad Wasn’t raised in the hood, I got everything I asked But I never understood what the problem with my past was I had weed, I had pills, I had alcohol addictions Cough syrup and women, I’m thankful to still be livin’ Live Love Life, that’s my motto, now I’m winnin Use the motivation then from how I was in the beginning Can’t keep a relationship, I thrive on the attention I almost had a scare cuz I didn’t practice prevention Listen…I just wanna prevent the spread of my actions Cuz when I was growing up, I never thought I was attractive And I…wasn’t a thug, but I tried to be I wanted to be cool, the only way that I knew how to be The only way that I could get the girls to really notice me They see I’m tatted up and now I got the girls approachin’ me But is it really real, that is something I may never know But I appreciate my past because it help allow me growth Confident in who I am, reflection that I love to see People show their hatred, I don’t care because I’m loving me Chorus 4x

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