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the lonely ghost song

Album: Come out, come out
tiger west




Indie Pop


Inventive debut album in a category all it's own; folk meets electronic dance with a steady through-line of rock. Digital meets natural. Dark lyrics entwine with child-sparkle guitar solos. With skillful low-fi layering and mantra-inspired repetition the listener is invited into the compelling, contradictory, transformative, signature world of Samantha West.

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my girl can be so cruel sometimes she turns around the light i only feel my heart those times i'm gonna leave without a sound my girl she has her share of scars she starts a lot of fights i wear my heart in armor then i'm gonna leave when she's around you thought you were the only one the hottest shit in town i told her all the lies you told it gets so dark when the sun goes down ooo, ahhh caught you in the bed with another lover 'round your neck you think a ring will change the world you're a savage in a tie depression keeps you up at night and drinking all that wine want and want and take and take buy your friends with fame approval from a razor blade and betrayal when you leave town that girl can be so cruel sometimes she turns around my mind blood starts pumping hard those times i crave her when i get down ooo, ahhh caught in the bed with another lover 'round your neck

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