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Hot Spring Moonlight Lady

Album: Hot Spring Moonlight Lady
Ludvig Van




Modern Rock


From the suburbs of L.A. - Ludvig Van is made up of people with varying tastes who together use rock & soul to find a balance between loneliness and love.

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Well I’m searchin' for my hot spring under the starry sky But I can’t understand what I've never known And the moon is shining brightly upon my inner plight I dream of a warmer place where we can be alone You’re a hot spring moonlight lady if I ever saw one You hold out your hand and I take yours in mine But I still walk a lonely street with the thought of you inside my mind Oh’ how can I find direction if I've never been shown Oh I want you Hot Spring Lady to find my better self You hold out your hand and I take yours in mine Take us away, take us away from ourselves Ooh yeah, ooh yeah now, come on my lady Come on and take us away from ourselves

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