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Broken Vows

Album: Pearl Without A Price
Denis Moreau




Singer/Songwriter (Male)


"Broken Vows" is an introspective tune about the struggle between the inner and outer self, the dialogue between spirit and form, the awkward waltz of two strange bedfellows: the real ego and the false ego.  

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Broken Vows My gifts to you aren't riches Nor chosen words of praise, No strength and health do I possess As in my younger days. The winds of my ambitions Lay to rest upon the shores Of quiet resignation Which spreads around my door.   I hope you will be satisfied And keep me company Broken vows and shattered dreams Is all you got from me.   The forces of creation Buried deep inside my soul Once burned bright with passion Now they're 's  hard and black as coal. I run on inspiration Not on mere technalities What will it take to break the ties That are binding up my knees.   I hope you will be ...from me.   My fathers face the dark side With armors shinning bright, I face the dark side also Though with not so much delight. Does it really matter What I think and how I feel, My friends tell me it's all illusion But tell me can they be for real.   I hope you will be...from me.   There's dust upon the mirror Smoke around the flammes And a whole lot of grown up people Playing children games, Tons of information Running on the worldwide  web, Everything's moving so damn fast I can barely stay ahead.   I hope you will be ... from me

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