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Pleasure in Pain

Album: Stomp Out the Sun
Jason Diaz




Southern/Blues Rock/Rockabilly


This is the first blues song I ever wrote. I feel that this song truly captures this essence of my record - Life is hard sometime but, I love the guitar and love to sing and that's all that matters.

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Pleasure in Pain by Jason Diaz I feel hopeless and alone Abandoned, left out in the rain Mercy, judge and take me home On my knees I done pray All my time is running low Stranded in the bitter cold I feel broke, blind, and lame You take pleasure in pain Am I nothing to ya? Burning with the fire Of a newborn fantasy Hot with strange desire Feels good just like cocaine Desperate I gave in to fear Desperate I will disappear Body, soul sunder the same Bring me pleasure in pain Am I nothing to ya? I been barely hangin on Struck down calling out ya name You done broken my throne Are you not entertained? All my time is running low Shaking in the bitter cold It's all right you can turn away I take pleasure in pain Am I nothing to ya?

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