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When it Comes

Album: Authority Drive Demo
Authority Drive




Indie Pop


This is a song about ET

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Two weeks today They found a way This wasn't in our plan I never knew what we had You always said we'd come back This time will be the end of everything And when it comes I'll be standing next to you. Holding on like we always used to do. When the top and the bottom come unglued We'll be there 'til there's nothing left to prove. I-55 South running away We'll watch the sky all night and drive all day. No one will find us out here. With all this time we'll make it out somewhere. We said forever 'til we die And then we looked up to the sky. We never knew it all could end like this. And when it's moving too fast I will be there And when this all comes to pass I'll still be there And when it's too dark to see I will be there And when they're looking for me...

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