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Album: Songs of utter despair, guilt, empathy, lust, longing and/or hope






Please give a full listen if you have the time, it starts slow but kicks in big at 2 min. Hope you like :) This song is one of the more complex pieces I've arranged. I included this on my self produced Demo/EP in 2009 and as complete as I felt the composition was, I always wanted to hear it with some electric and drums. I was excited when I got the chance to add those elements when I started working with producer John Ellis.

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The sharpness of my heart has torn you apart and you, oh you don't deserve what I put you through and I don't think I know how to stop You say you don't mind that in your heart you know I am kind but you can't see the evil I can bring and the hurt you feel so far is just a sting and I don't think I know how to stop So somehow I hope that you will start to cope and you wont think of me at all and the pain you feel will start to fall and your dreams will fulfil and I will sit here still and wonder why I took so long to let you go

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