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Photo Frames




Singer/Songwriter (Female)


I wrote this song a while ago about losing a best friend.

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Sometimes I reminisce about the better days When all we cared about Were boys and their code names We made the world spin 'round by swinging at the park And at your birthday party We lost our troubles in the dark What was once reality, Is nothing but a memory As I look inside old photo frames, I start to see it's not the same So I hold on tight Pretend it's alright, Even though I feel you letting go, Inside my heart and mind I know You're always and forever my best friend I guess I've known a while now That it would come to this But I never realized How many things I'd miss Singing loud inside my car With war paint on our faces People thought we were bizarre Whenever we went places (Chorus) I've held on tight for so long, Never let my worries show But now I have to face my fears, I have to let you go (Chorus x2)

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