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Martial Riesling

Album: Windjammer
Carl Hauck






Opening track on 'Windjammer' (out 11/9/10); female vocals and trumpet by Tricia Scully

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My fingertips are tapping on a hefty stack of papers sitting Stamped and sorted carefully, all ready to be sent Sonnets, prose, and charming odes to ennui-laden scribbles so Affected by the rain or lack thereof that fell today I'm waiting patiently for June I recall the sunlight waltzing in and giving way to halogen Moons about the room, until the candles hit the switch We were buzzed on martial Riesling and an ever-growing feeling That we possibly were on to something worth another glass So we poured it, and drank the bottle dry And as the paid programming flickered, so did time Blank checks made out to certainty, the memos bursting at the seams With issues better left unspoken of and never seen Almanacs with pencil marks on golden bands and travels far To cities where our melodies can find a place to park And we'll settle down for a day Then we'll pack our things and be on our way Even though we'd love to stay Well if dreams are tiny trinkets on the dustiest of shelves Where only youthful fingers ever stand a chance I will raise you on my shoulders, lead you under, guide you over 'Til you get a hold that's firm enough for me to let you go You'll struggle, and it might sting But you know, my dear, what hurt can bring While the critics sleep at night, we'll sing Well I've got dreams too But I'm not gonna share 'em with you

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