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Portrait of David Newbould

David Newbould

About David Newbould

Austin, TX

New Live CD/DVD package, "The Long Way Home: David Newbould And Friends - Live From Austin" released nationally Sept 8, 2009!! Two disc package featuring full length concert shot in HD from ME TV Studios in Austin, TX. Includes accompanying 11 song audio CD (3 additional bonus tracks available online only). Features Redd Volkaert, Cindy Cashdollar, Wendy Colonna, Beth Garner, Will Taylor, Dave Madden, Danny Levin, Megan Melara, and other guests. Comprehensive collection of past DN catalogue and new tracks. Mixed by Stuart Sullivan at Wire, mastered by Matt Shultz at Satellite, produced by David Newbould. Currently available through iTUNES and other online retailers, at DN shows, and at Waterloo Records in Austin, TX.

David Newbould is an exciting singer/songwriter/performer, and he has many believers who can testify to the passion and earnestness he puts into his work. His music has appeared on 10 Network TV Shows/Films/DVD’s/Movie Trailers to date (CBS’ "Criminal Minds" and "Harper's Island", WB’s "Dawson’s Creek" and "7th Heaven", Paramount’s "Joan of Arcadia", Fox’s "Party Of Five", CBS’ "Threshold", Lifetime’s "Monarch Cove", Lifetime Movie's "The Two Mr. Kissels", and Millennium Films' “Streets Of Blood" - starring 50 Cent and Val Kilmer). He has performed to acclaim at numerous ASCAP songwriting events, and can count among his fans certain executives at Universal Music, Sony Canada, RCA Records, North Star Music Group, and Primary Wave Music Publishing.

For many years he lived and worked in New York City, performing both solo in clubs and then with a band. He developed a loyal fan base all through relentless performances and word of mouth - no label publicity, no major press, no glitz. David is about what’s real, and what’s real is a song that will touch some aspect of a person’s life and make an indelible mark.

In 2002, after seven years in New York, David relocated to Austin, TX. There he appeared on numerous radio and TV shows, had videos in rotation on Austin Music Network/ME Television, recorded his third EP, his first full length CD, and his ambitious live CD/DVD package. He had 10 songs placed through North Star, and developed his most dedicated and thorough following to date. David carved out a niche as not only a melodic and heartfelt songwriter, but also one who performs with great energy and will command a crowd. At every show he converts new people who have never heard or seen him before. He plays a brand of rock and roll that is not limited to such genres such as Americana, classic rock, or singer-songwriter restraint. It is a brand which celebrates all of rock music’s melodic past, and one which is still familiar to those who love rock and roll, and all the richness and depth it has to offer. His mailing list has ballooned, and there is a consistent flow of high quality songs coming out of him, as well as performances - constant performances.

In the spring of 2009, David Newbould relocated to Nashville, TN. He has begun work on a new album with producer Ben Strano, one which will feature more of his own songs. The album will also - for the first time in his career – feature some co-written material, songs written with such folks as Rose Falcon, Adlai Waxman, Nick Gotten, and Rachel Loy. He is currently wrapping up a 6 month stint opening up an American tour for Natalie Stovall, a talented Nashville based singer/fiddle player booked through DEGY Touring Agency.

David grew up in Toronto, Canada, but has made the US his target audience. His fan base is currently made up largely of groups of loyal supporters, but as he continues to release music and widen his audience, the larger and more universal his appeal will become.

David Newbould & Friends “Long Way Home” (Independent, 2009)
Americana with a keen rock edge possessing lots of guitar and other finely spun textures see Newbould and Friends underline just how a good live band can sound

Now this is what I call a project. For not only do we have a live CD but also a DVD recording of the show as Newbould celebrates seven years in Austin with such esteemed friends as Redd Volkaert, Cindy Cashdollar, Danny Levin, Steve Zirkel, Will Taylor and Wendy Colonna who join band regulars Dave Madden, Jeff Botta, Darwin Smith, Naj Conklin and Darwin Smith and Megan Melara.

Newbould’s fond farewell to Texas is as a star-spangled affair as those on stage reach double figures, and what better way for the former New York resident, reluctantly relocating to Nashville to further his career as a touring artist, to end a treasured relationship. With such fine songs as ‘Something To Lose’, an image-strewn ‘See You On The Other Side’ and a song that appears for the first time in either form the stripped down ‘Come What May’. Plus he has a heap more choice tracks to add to them.

Newbould is a good rather than spectacular vocalist who knows how to get the best of those around him and for them (and there sure is plenty) to help make sound that bit better. The rattling ‘Nobody Love Me Like You Do’ featuring the dazzling Dobro of Cashdollar, electric lead guitar of Volkaert and remainder of the band all get to show off their great prowess.

‘It Can Always Be Worse’ (another previously unreleased cut) containing haunting harmony vocals coupled with eerie fiddle, piano, lead guitar and old-timey banjo early in the mix breaths a splendid world-weariness. The hypnotic nature of the song and fabulous interplay of the musicians and vocalists is something to behold. Newbould with pleading vocals likewise spins the travel ode in splendid fashion to complete the picture. If you think those already noted are good then think again because his combination with fellow lead vocalists Melara, Colonna (shades of Bonnie Raitt? She left me transfixed the first time I watched the DVD) and Beth Garner on ‘Dakota’ defines praise since the ultimate performance is achieved on the heart-wrenching ballad.

While a couple of songs lack the direction of others this twin release is one set to be revisited more than most, not least due to the band and I shall be following up on a few of them!

Date review added: Wednesday, September 02, 2009
Reviewer: Maurice Hope

David Newbould & Friends
The Long Way Home – Live From Austin
David Newbould & Friends “The Long Way Home” (Independent, 2009)
The ambitiousness of this live CD/DVD offering says as much about David Newbould's well-developed repertoire as it reflects his confident facility with performance. There's nothing tentative or green here; the NYC transplant is fully in command of his talents and direction with songs like "It Can Always Be Worse" and "Come What May." The DVD emphasizes Newbould's natural stage presence with golden promise and two bonus tracks.
-Margaret Moser

David Newbould & Friends “The Long Way Home” (Independent, 2009)
Grade: A+ 4.34 stars (out of 4)

Former New Yorker turned Austinite turned Nashville star David Newbould releases an homage and a good bye to his old stomping grounds of Austin Texas with the help of an extraordinary group of musicians/friends offering up a slice of something forgotten.

Remember when groups like The Band, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, and The Allman Brothers Band would put out albums that avoided generalization, reached further then their genres would allow, made music out of a necessity rather then to reach a particular audience? Newbould & Friends is a revisit to those days where it was just a mash up of styles honed together around working class vocals spilling folk narrative to no one in particular and somehow managing to reach everyone. Lyrically its all about honesty with Newbould, but more then that it’s the way in which his delivery is both focused where it needs to be, beautiful or intoned with a deep resonating darkness, as well as carefree and lazily tossed out over the music, as if instead of hundreds he’s singing to a small group of friends.

On a whole the album is rich with sound from piano to guitar and bass to fiddle to the accompanying vocals of Megan Melara and Wendy Colonna which add an even greater depth to the vocals. Its almost a complete and frenzied jam session with almost to much for the ears to handle, desperately trying to cling to one aspect of the music while another comes out of nowhere and just floors you. I’ll admit it took me a couple of tries to get used to Newbould’s delivery but only because, since I’d never heard of him before, I had no idea what to expect, but no doubt he won’t disappoint when you hear him. A great performance.

David Newbould & Friends “The Long Way Home” (Independent, 2009)
David Newbould certainly knows his way around a melody. Penning Austin-flavored alt-country rock, Newbould's songwriting fits in a spectrum with Lyle Lovett and Ryan Adams—songs about home, Place, dreams and loneliness, full of rich emotion and sweet harmonies. Newbould came to Austin via New York, but they didn't hold that against him. Now his trajectory is sending him to Nashville, and The Long Way Home was produced as a send-off and a thank you card, with an impressive group of friends joining him onstage in Austin's ME TV Studios. Which friends, you ask? Megan Melara, Cindy Cashdollar, Wendy Colonna, Beth Garner, Danny Levin, Will Taylor, Redd Volkaert, and Steve Zirkel joined Newbould and bandmates Jeff Botta, Naj Conklin, Dave Madden, and Darwin Smith. Those are some damn talented friends bringing a wealth of dimension and talent to good material. And a very full stage.

I had a driveway moment with Long Way Home. Two days before the New Year, full moon overhead, I arrived at a party midway through the hauntingly graceful "Old Friend." I sat in the car through the end of the song, enfolded in the melody and the darkness and bubble of peace in my rapidly cooling car. Newbould is not a smooth crooner, but when all the right elements are together, there's alchemy. Highlights include the hymnal "Dakota" ("We had our chance, our one chance—didn't win, but we didn't fail"); the haunting "Old Friend," "Something to Lose," and "Love in Your Heart"; the up-tempo "Nobody Loves Me Like You Do," which has guest solos by Cashdollar and Volkaert; "It Can Always Be Worse" ("You can stay all night if you're lonely"); and "Goldmines" ("We curse the sky while we aim for the moon").

The Long Way Home includes both a CD and DVD from the show. The CD includes three previously unreleased songs: "It Can Always Be Worse," "Old Friend," and "Come What May." The DVD includes the film from the show, with three songs that didn't make it onto the CD: "Salvation," "Soul Is Inflamed," and "Lost & Found." There are a handful of bonus commentary segments and a video for "See You On The Other Side" produced by Steve Miller that reminded me of something out of Spinal Tap.

—Lyn Dunagan

David Newbould & Friends “The Long Way Home” (Independent, 2009)
Country Music is in awful shape and has been since the 1980s when something curious happened. Neo-Conservatives found a way to cause a backlash against the genre’s innovators and rebels, with the result being a gutting of everything good the genre ever accomplished. Except for cross-over artists (Garth Brooks) and those who were simply considered too subversive (The Dixie Chicks) that they had to be targeted, few of the today’s artists would have made it in the peak days of the genre. David Newbould is one who might.

In his new concert release The Long Way Home, Newbould plays an 11-song set that is richer, more natural, more sincere, less flashy and more realistic than most work in the genre for a long time. Songs include:

1) Goldmines 2) It Can Always Be Worse 3) Love In Your Heart 4) Put The Breaks On Us 5) Old Friend 6) Dakota 7) Nobody Loves Me Like You Do 8) Big Red Sun 9) Something To Lose 10) See You On The Other Side 11) Come What May

Though none of the songs in particular stuck with me and I am not the biggest fan of the genre, I was pleasantly surprised how consistent, smooth and open the concert was overall. I don’t know what the future holds for Newbould or if I will like his work in the long run, but at least for now, he is a contender for the next major voice in the genre and that makes this set an interesting release in a sea of bad ones.

The anamorphically enhanced 1.78 X 1 digital High Definition image is on the soft side usually, with slight aliasing errors and detail issues, but it is not a bad shoot overall. The Dolby Digital 5.1 and 2.0 mixes are not bad, but the 5.1 is better, yet they have some compression and sonic limits; the compression extending to the PCM 2.0 16/44.1 Stereo on the CD. Extras include the CD if you count it, a bio, bonus song (Lost & Found), The Other Side behind the scenes piece and a behind the scenes/interview piece called The Band on the DVD.

- Nicholas Sheffo

David Newbould & Friends “The Long Way Home” (Independent, 2009)
rate: 4 stars (out of 5)

From Austin, Texas comes a new album by Americana artist David Newbould! After seven years hanging out in this wonderful city, with its Capitol, The incredible Waterloo Records shop, the nice Barton Springs and of course the endless row of music venues and pubs Mr Newbould looks back at seven wonderful years! ”I came here for the music, but fell in love with the people”, something I can understand. Nevertheless it is goodbye for David Newbould who is heading on to that other music city, Nashville!

His way to look back on these incredible years is by releasing this “Live at Austin” album full of great moments & songs, old and new! Blessed with a series of great musicians and friends who help him out, Newbould brings us a series of incredible great tunes we all come to love over the past years! Take for instance the hillbilly/Americana tune “It can also be worse” or the ballad “Put the Brakes on us” and you know this man is singer songwriter pur sang!

A classic in his repertoire is without doubt “Nobody loves me like you do”. A song that blends elements of gospel, Dixieland jazz and country! “See You on the Other Side” is the tune best known to me but also “Something to loose” a track that spans over 8 minutes and totally unknown to me is intriguing enough to put it on replay!

“The Long Way Home” is the Texas goodbye album from Mr Newbould. While he is quite well known in the era, his albums didn’t make it always to our part of the world! His songs however are better known since some of them appeared in a handful of well known TV series of which “Dawson’s Creek” and “7th Heaven” are amongst the best known shows. Released together with a live DVD this album is must of everyone who digs the Texas Americana Scene.

David Newbould & Friends “The Long Way Home” (Independent, 2009)
David Newbould plays live from Austin-live in a TV studio-on this combo CD/DVD release that marks his departure for Nashville after a decade in Austin. Newbould's music, however, sounds like Austin. Newbould possesses a voice with which you are instantly comfortable. And he has a way with a ballad. Three notable ballads on this disk are the fingerpicked "Put the Brakes on Us;" "Old Friend," with its beautiful harmonies over a lovely chorus; and the long (8:03) "Something to Lose;" which may be the most perfectly realized song on the CD. The backup band is tight and well-rehearsed, including star turns by Cindy Cashdollar and Redd Volkaert. Backup vocalists Megan Melara, Wendy Colonna, and Beth Garner are intrinsic elements of this music's appeal. The live DVD rocks with unburnished energy, reinforcing the feeling that Newbould is 100% authentic.

© Steve Klingaman

"BIG RED SUN" BY DAVID NEWBOULD VOTED ONE OF THE BEST RELEASES OF 2008 BY PERFORMING SONGWRITER MAGAZINE: ---David Newbould--- "Big Red Sun"--- Newbould’s casual voice and rock ’n’ roll songs embody a summer road trip, complete with an open highway and feet on the dash."--


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Portrait of David Newbould
David Newbould