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Numbers On Napkins

Phoenix, AZ


     Numbers On Napkins is an Independent American Punk Rock Band from Phoenix, Arizona that formed in the summer of 2003.  Often referred to as “NON”, Numbers On Napkins has released three full length albums, as well as three limited edition E.P.’s, all of which are currently out of print.  In addition, NON has had their music featured on nearly a dozen compilation albums, including the Lemonhead’s tribute album, Drug Buddies, as well as had their popular sing...

     Numbers On Napkins is an Independent American Punk Rock Band from Phoenix, Arizona that formed in the summer of 2003.  Often referred to as “NON”, Numbers On Napkins has released three full length albums, as well as three limited edition E.P.’s, all of which are currently out of print.  In addition, NON has had their music featured on nearly a dozen compilation albums, including the Lemonhead’s tribute album, Drug Buddies, as well as had their popular singles, Runaway and True Love featured in the independent film, Madison Hall. PRE-NON AND BAND FORMATION      Prior to forming Numbers On Napkins, Band members Moe Money and Chase Stain performed in other local acts throughout the mid nineties while attending Moon Valley High School.  Stain played bass and was co-frontman for the punk rock band, Dirty Laundry, and Money was the guitarist and frontman for the pop punk trio, Cobalt Bloom.  Both Dirty Laundry and Cobalt Bloom would often play shows together at various all ages venues across the state, until Cobalt Bloom dismembered in 1998.      Dirty Laundry broke up in 2002, shortly after getting a new drummer, Tad Gurthman.  After the demise of Dirty Laundry, Gurthman and Stain enlisted the help of two other local musicians and started a new band, called Yars Revenge, in early 2002.  Yars Revenge ended up replacing their guitarist a few months later, and recruited Stain’s good friend, Moe Money, from the pop punk band, Cobalt Bloom.  In early 2003, Yars Revenge officially called it quits and parted ways, with Stain, Money, and Gurthman starting their new project, Numbers On Napkins. EARLY YEARS AND WAITING FOR TOMORROW      Just a few months after forming, Numbers On Napkins signed to Bad Stain Records and started recording their debut release at Studio Z in Phoenix, Arizona.  NON chose Aaron Carey to engineer and mix the album, as they felt that he had a diverse resume, and had worked with larger labels like Atlantic, Capitol, Geffen, Universal, and Interscope, as well as various indie labels.  Carey had engineered albums for recording artists in an array of genres, including Sheryl Crow, Megadeth, Dokken, Stevie Nicks, Obie Trice, Glenn Campbell, Slayer, and Suicide Machines.      NON chose to name their debut full length release, Waiting for Tomorrow, after the name they had previously chosen for their band.  The album was released on December 14, 2004, and it quickly became the best selling debut release from any other bands on Bad Stain’s roster.  Waiting for Tomorrow eventually went on to become the third best selling album that the label has ever released, behind the "Punk til ya Poop" and "Punk til ya Pass Out" compilation albums, and it has officially sold 12,000 copies to date.      In January of 2005, the singles, “Runaway”, and “True Love” both debuted on the Punk Rock Charts at GarageBand Dot Com.  Both singles continued to climb the charts, with “Runaway” hitting the number one position by the end of the month.  In February of 2005, “Runaway” was bumped from number one, to number two, when “True Love” took its place.  In addition, “True Love” landed on the Best Love Song charts, ranking in the top ten.  “True Love” Maintained the positions and eventually debuted on the Best Punk Rock Love Songs Chart, and then on the All Time” charts.  In April of 2005, “True Love” hit the number one slot on the Best Punk Rock Love Songs All Time charts.  “True Love” maintained the number one position on the websites All Time chart for several years until the website dissolved in 2008.      NON’s single for the song “Runaway” was put into rotation on several online and college radio stations, as well as the now extinct,103.9 The Edge, a popular station in Phoenix that featured a mostly alternative rock platform, but played a wide variety of rock genres, including pop punk.   MATT MARTINI AND QUICKERDRUNKENLOUDERHARDER      In the summer of 2005, band members discussed adding a second guitarist to the lineup to help give the band a fuller sound while performing live.  After some consideration, NON decided to move forward with the idea and auditioned their friend and fellow musician, Matt Martini.  Martini had little experience in the music industry, although he had been in a small local punk band called “The New Republicans”.  Martini officially joined NON in August of 2005, and joined them on stage for the first time in September.      In late 2005, NON started shopping around and looking for a good studio and engineer for their sophmore release.  NON chose to record their new material at Arcane Digital Recording in Chandler, Arizona. and enlisted Ryan Butler to engineer and mix the album.      In the summer of 2006, NON released their six song QuickerDrunkenLouderHarder EP CD on Bad Stain Records.  The CD was a special limited edition pressing of 5,000 copies.  Sales from the QuickerDrunkenLouderHarder EP were far less than what Bad Stain Records and NON had both anticipated, and the “QuickerDrunkenLouderHarder” EP took nearly ten years to sell all 5,000 copies. RECORDING, SIGNING TO F-BOMB RECORDS, AND THE FORGET THIS, I’M GOING TO TOKYO SINGLE EP      In early 2007, NON once again entered Arcane Digital Recording with Ryan Butler to record their new full length album.  NON chose Joe Queer (the frontman for the longtime independent punk rock band, The Queers) to produce the new album, working around his relentless touring schedule.  Joe Queer did most of the producing in absentia, only physically entering the studio a handful of times.  NON would record songs and then email Joe Queer MP3 files of the music to critique and await for a response.  The recording process took nearly a year to complete.      In 2007, NON started negotiations with various independent and national record labels, a process that lasted until 2009 when the band signed a two album contract with the independent record label, F-Bomb Records.       The band recorded a music video for the first single from their upcoming album titled “Forget This, I’m Going to Tokyo” and released it on YouTube in 2007.  The video landed NON the Best Video Award at the 2007 Arizona Ska Punk Awards.  The same year, the AZ Ska Punk Awards also awarded NON the Best Pop Punk Group of 2007.      NON recorded another video from the album titled “Go Away” and released it to help promote the release.  The video won the 2008 Best Video Award at the Arizona Ska Punk Awards Ceremony.  In Addition, the band took home the Best Rock Band Award for that year.      In 2009, the independent record label, Double D Records, released a tribute album to the alternative rock band, The Lemonheads, titled, “Drug Buddies”.  The compilation CD featured over twenty tracks from various bands and musicians, including NON’s cover of the song, “Uhhh”, from The Lemonheads debut album, “Hate Your Friends”.      A few weeks later, the band released their limited edition CD Single, “Forget This, I’m Going to Tokyo”, on Bad Stain Records. The six song CD featured the title track, as well as two other songs from the upcoming full length album.  In addition, the CD featured three previously unreleased live tracks.  The release landed the band the Song of the Year Award at the 2009 Arizona Ska Punk Awards, for their single, “Forget This, I’m Going to Tokyo”. RETURNING TO BAD STAIN RECORDS, MATT MARTINI’S DEPARTURE, AND THE RELEASE  OF BORRACHOS, CHINGASOS, Y RUCAS      Borrachos, Chingasos, Y Rucas was scheduled for release in April of 2009 on F-Bomb Records, but financial problems caused the album release date to be postponed several times over the next year.  In the summer of 2010, NON ended their relationship with F-Bomb Records as the label declared bankruptcy.  In the fall of 2010, NON returned to Bad Stain Records, and set a release date of December 21st, 2010 for their new full length album, “Borrachos, Chingasos, Y Rucas”.      In September of 2010, Matt Martini announced his departure from NON, to focus more on his other project, Reason Unknown.  NON moved forward without Matt Martini as a three peice, and voted against finding a replacement.      In December of 2010, NON released their second full length album, Borrachos, Chingasos, Y Rucas, on Bad Stain Records.  Reviews for the album were mixed, as many critics claimed it was their best work ever, while others felt as though it went against their punk rock roots.  The album had sold over 2,000 copies within the first six months, although sales dwindled down shortly after. HIATUS, RETURN, FROM BUCKEYE TO BEARDSLEY AND ODE TO THE DRINK      In early 2013, the band announced on their official website that they would be going on hiatus in order for the members to focus on more on “family lives” and “fatherhood”.  NON performed a last farewell show on Saint Patrick’s Day on 2010 in Glendale, Arizona.      For the next five years, the bands official website and social media pages had no activity.  In late 2017, NON announced on the bands official website that the band was officially ending the hiatus, and was returning to the scene, and would be heading into the studio in 2018 to record a new album.      Bad Stain Records announced in 2017 that the label had pressed NON's debut album, "Waiting for Tomorrow", a total of seven times, producing 12,000 units, and would not be repressing future copies of the album, due to low CD sales.  The label also informed fans that only 200 copies of "Waiting for Tomorrow" remained.  A few months later, the label announced that "Waiting for Tomorrow" was officially "Out-of-Print", and no longer available.      In early 2018, another post was made on NON’s official website, going into further details about the upcoming album.  NON described the upcoming album as,  “a collection of songs that showcased the history of the band”.  NON claimed that they would be completing a few tracks that they had started recording prior to going on hiatus, as well as recording a few brand new tracks for the album.  NON also announced the name of the new album, titled “From Buckeye To Beardsley”.  They also announced that former guitarist, Matt Martini had joined them in the studio to record a few select tracks that the band had written while he was still an active member of NON.      In August of 2019, NON released the bands third full length album, “From Buckeye To Beardsley” on Bad Stain Records, and Media Core Entertainment.  Just a few months later, the band released a limited edition four track Single EP CD, titled “Ode to the Drink”, also on Bad Stain Records.  The CD Single featured four different recordings of the title track, including the original acoustic version and the punk rock version, as well as two live recordings of the song.   WAITING FOR TOMORROW FIFTEEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY AND PRESENT DAY        In late December of 2020, Numbers On Napkins announced on their official website that the band was in talks with Media Core Entertainment and Bad Stain Records about releasing some of the bands previously unreleased material, such as demo recordings, live tracks, and songs that ended up getting cut from an album.      NON followed up the following month, and announced that Bad Stain Records and Media Core Entertainment would be co-releasing The Fifteen Year Anniversary Deluxe Collector's Edition Re-Issue of the bands debut album, "Waiting for Tomorrow" in 2020.  The special deluxe collector's edition contains all of the tracks from the original album, as well as over a dozen bonus tracks!  The albums bonus tracks include demo recordings of "Runaway", "True Love", "Broken", and more, as well as live recordings of popular songs like "The Poor Misfortune of a Dimwitted Lemming" and "Ode to the Drink".  The bonus tracks also features two songs from the out-of-print, QuickerDrunkenLouderHarder EP, and a previously unreleased pop punk song called "Telephone", that the band chose not to record in 2004, as the band felt that many people had ditched their telephones and only had cell phones, and thought that the song might be irrelevant by the time it was released.      Since returning from hiatus, band members have been asked several times about touring, although the band has continued to reply that, "they currently have no plans to tour at any point in the near future."  

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