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M.I - Until I Get On (written & produced by M.I)

By: M.i




M.i - Until I Get On (written, produced, recorded & mixed by M.I) Verse 1: Until I get on / I need you to bear with me I know its been long / But i need you to care for me I know i've been wrong / But the shit that i been thru ain't the shit that i'm on So i spit it with pencils / And i fix it with songs And i just need a minute yo to fit and belong Got a little of B.I.G in me so its Victory, blown off a spliff and i'm gone / hit off a clip then its on I got a fix & i'm drawn to this addiction, it dawned on me / that I ain't shit without this pen Like livin' without a sense / i'm different without it, hence the reason i'm even believing leaving's out of the question Leaning over a fence to see if its greener / stressed when it ain't / i don't know if its faith, or if its fate I don't know & you don't either but what i'm saying is they Say everything is bout what you make it so wait Its basic but i'll say it 'tomorrow's another day' it goes a hell of a long way / So i'll sell it in song If you don't get it then forget it you read it wrong Hook Until I Get On I'ma let em' know / I'll never let em go Let em' fold till i'm on So I put it through a song I just need for you to hold on Until I Get On (x5) Verse 2: So it seems that we never get the time right Its all a dream where everything is in hindsight Where you never know & nothing ever sounds right You set a goal but you fuck it up / get down Try to do it & you fall / But you don't wanna call You losing it / all it is, is you against a wall & you lost & you never knew what it would cost you the one that was talking / wanting to be a boss but its alright, you can do it all that's why I be up all night doing it for yall Trying to see it all like I knew it all along Trying to get my wrongs right / use em' when i'm sure but luckily you live / so something better budge Somethings gotta give, yo but nothing ever does Nothing in the crib so you stuck inside a rut & you love it but the shit is that you runnin out of luck wondering when enough is enough fuck it, live it up / i'll leave it up to you until i get on

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