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Lift Me Up

Album: Damngivers




Americana / Alt Country


The Alt Country description here says something about the lyrics of the songs being more dark than regular country. That would be an apt description of this song. It's very cinematic to me but very spiritual. I imagined a soldier lost in his mind maybe in a foxhole abroad somewhere thinking of his love he'll soon be leaving and him praying that her love will "lift him up."

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There's a snow storm falling in your wonderland There's a snow storm frosting up your cold, cold heart A snowball's chance in Hell couldn't make it through your barricade A snowball's chance in Hell is all they said we'd ever make Through ice and snow and wind and rain No one could stop the bomb parade No one could make me give away the ghost Of the crippled body lost upon the coast Ooooh, away from me you fall Ooooh, to the wall I crawl Ooooh, return to me again Don't leave me dusty and all broke apart My pockets lined with only dreams Exchange the darkness of the screams It snowed again today and soggy'd up my shoes Alone I walk through puddles trying to erase you Ooooh, fall to me again Ooooh, on a starlit night Ooooh, come back to me again Cause I don't think I've got the fight in me Cause I don't think I've got the fight in me Lift me up Lift me up Lift me up Lift me up

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