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Who Am I to Be

Album: Colors May Change
Erick Macek




Singer/Songwriter (Male)


Fast cars… Bright lights… Who am I to be… Big Screen Small Fish Where to go from here Long days Late nights Yet, no where to call home Should I stay…or Should I go… Questions now arise Chorus And I know, what I know But I’ll find, something bright In this world Where we live I’ll find hope that tells me (something new, which defines) who am I to be… new day same life something has to change new girl same boy could this be the one clear minds soft hearts can change the way we live am I young…or am I old… perception has its place Bridge And I know, that this life has some hope And all I can do Is follow my heart, and hope it leads me to you And I see, that there’s good to be done And all I can say Is to love…

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