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Nothing New




Hard Rock


A hard driving rock song with catchy riffs and choruses. This is straight forward enough to keep your foot tapping and has enough twists and turns to keep the avid music listener interested!

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(Verse) I'm just a begger without a disease. You gave me nothing and left me to freeze. I should be thankful for just being alive, you left a shadow, an image, a notion of life. I know how this ends... Am I a martyr or just an unknown? I found my lover and gave up the throne. I lost the pages on how to sruvive You gave me nothing, nothing and still I strive I know how this ends... It doesn't have to be this way! (Chorus) Am I the only one? You needed something new. You watch the pieces fall and I procure the glue. I know you'll sell me out, Just like you always do. This time it's easier Cuz it's nothing new. (Bridge) I've got a lot to say But I know you'll never hear My words will echo but they'll never reach your ears x2 It doesn't have to be this way! (Chorus) x2

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