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Through My Eyes

Album: Through My Eyes (Single)




Heavy Rock


New single off our upcoming 4th record due out Spring/Summer of 2014

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Verse 1- You hold yourself high over everyone else like a sickness that just won't heal. We live our lives under you, hypnotized by a truth, a fragrance of what's to come you feel.... PreChorus- You could never fall apart, so many eyes are on you now You could never see this clear, no matter where you are You could never let us live, cause right from the start You leave us with broken hearts...cause you've spent... Chorus- So much time wasting, living the high life, see it through my eyes Dead inside and all you will find is broken promises through my eyes Verse 2- You've chose your side, a blinded insight, now the weak will just fall in line. But we question your reign, it's scripted and grey, oh the price that is on the line Repeat PreChorus Repeat Chorus Bride- It's dead inside, through my eyes you've spent so much time living your lives that... 2nd Chorus-So much times wasted, living the high life, see it through my eyes Dead inside is all you will find, for once this time see it through my eyes.

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