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Painted Walls Pastel Lines

Album: Dark Star






written and arranged by G. Hileman and R. Taylor

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Painted Walls Pastel Lines Lullabies. Angry skies. Flaming eyes. Dragon Flies. She walks along and passes time The years go by and still she's climbing Painted walls and Pastel lines... and still she's trying to get away from everything. Washed away in velvet rain Drenched in pedals....solemn pain. She's bundled up, but still feels cold. A screaming fit, but still she told him Flowers bloom and she's still holding onto the old ones So carry on and she will change. So carry on and she will change... So hold on like lovers do... Someday's black and someday's blue, but I see red this time around and I know just what to do... Rain falls heavy somewhere every day and shadows aren't seen sometimes, but in the end the poem sings out and heals with its own magical rhymes... and heals with its own magical rhymes... by G. Hileman

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